Singapore Cereal Chicken

Did not took me too long to fall in love with this dish, it has all the flavour to amuse your taste bud.What’s not to love? Sweet, Savoury, crunchy and spicy all married in your mouth.

If you google Cereal chicken recipe, there are so many variations appears from western style to asian style .What I’m going to talk about in this post is the Singapore style chicken rice. This dish is one of local favourites , you  can easily find them from fancy restaurants  to hawker stalls.

For some of you it maybe quite strange to combine chicken and cereal, but trust me, this one is smacking good. Where exactly this dish came from? is it chinese dish? if yes, how come there’s curry leaves all over it? Well apparently, since Singapore is a  multicultural country, this dish is the result from that. No wonder, you can find so many  flavour in it.

Since I’m a lazy mama, when I found this Cereal chicken mix in the supermarket, I have to grab it and make it for dinner. I used Singlong brand, and  It was so easy peasy to make you will get restaurant quality dinner ready in minutes. Enjoyed them with hot steam rice while watching Ellen’s  12 days of Christmas on TV . Life is good 🙂
cereal chicken 1
cereal chicken 2



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