Healthy and Goody

When I was little, vegetables scared me. I refuse to ate them, I don’t like to   look at them and having them in my food. maybe  was it only a stage of life where you become very picky about food?

The older I get, my relationship with food shifted to the more healthier direction, I now more aware about what kind  of food that I will put inside my tummy, plus I have a child now which makes me even more obsesses about healthy eating. For me healthy eating doesn’t have to be everything organics. I buy organics once in awhile if we have some loose monthly budget. But if we’re tight, I  go to wet market & buy local produce. When  you hear healthy food, sometimes it is  associated with those unappealing and tasteless dish. Well, maybe not. At the moment, I am challenging myself to to bring something healthy but goody on the table for the family. Any of you know any good recipes to try? I would love to have that.

Below was the spinach dish I make the other day when we had Korean bulgogi. They are a good pair for any kind of bbq actually if you want a substitute for salad. So you can eat them with your steak, to make it more fusion 🙂

Korean spinach banchan




One thought on “Healthy and Goody

  1. Same here… I didn’t like veggie when I was young!!! But now I start to love it 🙂 Especially spinach and french bean 🙂
    Please visit and follow my blog ( or my Instagram (lazymom_cooking) for some recipe ideas


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