8 Korean Bbq. The pork belly heaven

We find another bbq gem!

8 Korean Bbq is located in The Central at Clarke Quay, They specialised in pork belly bbq (which is our top favourite food) in 8 set of marinated flavoured.   It didn’t take us very long to decide what to order, We ordered the pork belly in  half set which are 4 pieces. The marinate we chose were miso, original, garlic and red pepper paste. If you buy the set menu, it also come with a bowl of beef stew.

What I like about this place is they are full service restaurant. There is a waiter that stand by at your table to help you to grilled the meats and filled up the side dishes and drinks.

For those of you pork belly lovers, this place is heaven! those pork belly comes in thick slices, they tasted juicy,  tender, and well marinated. They don’t serves many options for side dish like in many Korean restaurant but we didn’t mind because  we were to busy enjoying our meats. ( Blessed those pork who sacrifice their life to full fill our cravings.)

This place is an addition to our favourites bbq list here in Singapore! Good quality meats, great taste and value for money! whats not to love


8 Korean Bbq

The Central Clarke Quay

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The central,#02-79/90, 059817






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