Four Seasons Chinese Resto

Brace yourself duck lovers! The Famous Four Seasons roasted duck that your friends bragged about when they are in London, now you too can enjoy  just an MRT ride away. Located in Capitol Piazza opposite the City Hall MRT, We visited the restaurant for weekend lunch. The place looks fancy, the kind of restaurant you go to for special occasions. But most  of the patrons at that time very casuals like us.

Ok, so my darling husband doesn’t eat duck. Yes, we went to this famous duck restaurant but did not  order any. Are you kidding? Chill, I had them for take away, so I can enjoy every bites for myself only LOL!


we ordered 5 dishes from their menu. As appetiser  we chose Prawn Sesame toast. Crunchy   toast but somehow there’s something taste funny for my palate maybe it’s the prawn. but my boy loved them.


Spicy Fried tofu and Stir fry green beans came after the appetiser. We love how they tasted, Not too spicy for the tofu and both of the dishes have a good crunch. ( oh my we love the crunch)



And the good stuff always came last. Honey glazed  pork ribs and roasted pork belly. The ribs are tender with perfect sweetness and the roasted belly came in thick slices and they serve it with mustard sauce. For us they are heavenly good.



One thing that I can’t seems to get enough is their chilli sambal, they are soooo good! not that kind of sambal that looks fiery but taste mild. This one is fiery for sure!  I wonder if the sell it at the restaurant, would love to buy a jar 🙂


Thaksin Beef Noodle

Wait what? maybe some of you will react that way when you see my post tittle. Isn’t Thaksin use to be Thailand PM and got exile? I don’t know if there’s any relation between them but I don’t want to jump into any political stuff. Or Maybe Thaksin is in his hiding and decided to open Thai food stall in hawker centres.

This is the place I go to whenever I need my Thai food fix because they serves authentic food with cheap price. Tried 2 dish from their menus, the signature Beef Noodles & Pad Thai.

I  chose the standard size & kuey teow for the beef noodles. It was quite a big portion for a petite girl like me. The soup was full of flavour and the beef slices were thick. This is a type comfort food you need on a rainy day  while netflixing and chill or when you’re having cold

Beef Noodle

They have few options for Pad Thai. For plain pad thai  it’s only cost you $3.00, and if you want to add Seafood/prawns/beef it will cost you $.4.50. But need to warn you that this pad thai is not for the soft tummy because they are spicy but they taste so good! If you feel like given up after the first spoon because of the fiery spicy flavour, don’t be…keep will taste better..

Beef Pad Thai



They have 2 stalls here in Singapore :

Block 449 Clementi Ave 3
Singapore 120449

Block 2 Seah Im Road
#01-44 Seah Im Food Centre

Go give it a try 🙂

8 Korean Bbq. The pork belly heaven

We find another bbq gem!

8 Korean Bbq is located in The Central at Clarke Quay, They specialised in pork belly bbq (which is our top favourite food) in 8 set of marinated flavoured.   It didn’t take us very long to decide what to order, We ordered the pork belly in  half set which are 4 pieces. The marinate we chose were miso, original, garlic and red pepper paste. If you buy the set menu, it also come with a bowl of beef stew.

What I like about this place is they are full service restaurant. There is a waiter that stand by at your table to help you to grilled the meats and filled up the side dishes and drinks.

For those of you pork belly lovers, this place is heaven! those pork belly comes in thick slices, they tasted juicy,  tender, and well marinated. They don’t serves many options for side dish like in many Korean restaurant but we didn’t mind because  we were to busy enjoying our meats. ( Blessed those pork who sacrifice their life to full fill our cravings.)

This place is an addition to our favourites bbq list here in Singapore! Good quality meats, great taste and value for money! whats not to love


8 Korean Bbq

The Central Clarke Quay

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The central,#02-79/90, 059817