Healthy and Goody

When I was little, vegetables scared me. I refuse to ate them, I don’t like to   look at them and having them in my food. maybe  was it only a stage of life where you become very picky about food?

The older I get, my relationship with food shifted to the more healthier direction, I now more aware about what kind  of food that I will put inside my tummy, plus I have a child now which makes me even more obsesses about healthy eating. For me healthy eating doesn’t have to be everything organics. I buy organics once in awhile if we have some loose monthly budget. But if we’re tight, I  go to wet market & buy local produce. When  you hear healthy food, sometimes it is  associated with those unappealing and tasteless dish. Well, maybe not. At the moment, I am challenging myself to to bring something healthy but goody on the table for the family. Any of you know any good recipes to try? I would love to have that.

Below was the spinach dish I make the other day when we had Korean bulgogi. They are a good pair for any kind of bbq actually if you want a substitute for salad. So you can eat them with your steak, to make it more fusion 🙂

Korean spinach banchan




Rojak/Rujak = Party in your mouth

A colourful fruit bowl covered with thick dressing that enjoyable to share with your friends. A Kind of afternoon snack or a more “healthy” option for dessert, this Rojak or Rujak mixed is something you can’t say no to. So how do we say it? Rojak or Rujak? Singapore & Malaysian called it Rojak, and Indonesian called it Rujak. They all have the same meaning which is “ mixed” and each country have their own version.

This morning, on my way to groceries shopping around clement area, I stopped by at Block 499, to take away pad thai for lunch. Nearby there’s a famous rojak stall that’s usually have long queu at lunch time, Since it was 9.45am, so it was empty. Greeted by the friendly uncle who mixed the rojak, He said they always open at 9.25 am sharp never miss and closes at 21.30 pm wow heads off for your punctuality uncle! This Singapore style rojak consist of jicama, pineapple, cucumber, tau pok, cuttlefish and chinese fritters with thick spicy dressing, definitely a  party in your mouth!!

If you take away your rojak, the uncle will separate the dressing so they will not get soggy  if you eat them later. It’s a  must try if you around Clementi area. .